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8000 yen

120 minutes you can drink with, is 8000 yen tax included in the coupon use

It is a delicious luxurious cooking special course.

★ Luxury Sankei! ___ mistake ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

■ oysters Zanmai

And Akkeshi-producing oysters, is a platter of grilled oysters

■ seafood mountain vegetables sashimi 12 points Assorted

Chef carefully selected fresh fish, was in a luxurious 12-point platter the riches of the soil.■ Ikeda beef with Tokachi steak with starved vegetables

Ikeda beef steak from Tokachi is made with specialty sharia pin sauce!

■ A salty root vegetable salad in winter

We made colorful root vegetables into a salad of Shakiyaki!

Please come in with tortillas.■ Hakodate Sankatsu squid sashimi

Hakodate direct delivery! Is the sashimi of the active squid.I can enjoy it with no more freshness ♪

■ our most popular silver Mutsu Broiled

Undisputed is the broiled fish of the popular number one.■ Extra large button shrimp tempura

Tempura with oversized button shrimp!

Eating response is outstanding.■ Crab crab vinegared

Tailored crab to vinegared food refreshingly.■ sea urchin roe bowl

And soy sauce of how much homemade, to bowl with sweet raw sea urchin

■ handmade desserts

Chef's homemade desserts